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Living Room

Cosy living room hangouts bring warm memories. Choose from a wide selection of sideboards, poufs, side tables and coffee tables to fully enjoy your living room experience.

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Living Room by

Casual gatherings with friends, playful afternoons with family or lazy hangouts on a couch are just a few of many living room activities. Make sure your space is ready for everything!

Living Room

Suumo SideboardSuumo Sideboard

Suumo Sideboard

€909,30 €1.299,00
hp-sliderBau Sideboard

Bau Sideboard

€839,30 €1.199,00
hp-black-fridayMet TV Stand

Met TV Stand

€699,30 €999,00
Toom Modular Sofa 2-seaterToom Modular Sofa 2-seater

Toom Modular Sofa 2-seater

€1.724,25 €2.299,00
mega-menuToom Chair

Toom Chair

€861,75 €1.149,00
Toom Modular Sofa 4-seaterToom Modular Sofa 4-seater

Toom Modular Sofa 4-seater

€3.224,25 €4.299,00
Toom ArmchairToom Armchair

Toom Armchair

€1.274,25 €1.699,00
gift-pageFeo Pouf

Feo Pouf

€194,35 €299,00
Folk Pouf - tallFolk Pouf - tall

Folk Pouf - tall

€149,40 €249,00
gift-pageFolk Pouf - low

Folk Pouf - low

€181,30 €259,00
mega-menu hp-sliderOly Stool

Oly Stool

€209,30 €299,00
mega-menu hp-sliderHopp Stool

Hopp Stool

€209,30 €299,00
Oly StoolOly Stool

Oly Stool

€209,30 €299,00
newarrivalsHopp Stool

Hopp Stool

€209,30 €299,00

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Wide selection of sideboards, poufs, side and coffee tables for you to enjoy your brightened up living room.

Living room inspirations - a coffee table

The idea of a central point at home where everything happens, is as old as time. Living room gatherings tend to take various forms, it is therefore oh-so-essential to make each piece of your living room furniture go together with the others. Let’s make coffee tables the first step in our living-room-decorating journey.

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